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Cabinet Locks Safety Locks Baby Proofing Cabinets(upc:761272112982  )

Cabinet Locks Safety Locks Baby Proofing Cabinets(upc:761272112982 )

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Product ID: 761272112982

ID type: UPC

Color Map:BLUE RED

Brand name: Babeba

Manufacture name: Babeba

Production Description:

IT ’s not surprising to see your little one being curious about everything, crawling or running around the house, and trying to touch, play with or even break down any object. However, are you worried all the time that your baby will grub out your cabinets with dangerous tools and get hurt, or knock into sharp edges by accident when you are not around? Don't worry! Our child proof cabinet locks can help you solve the knotty problem! Features 1. Easy and fast installation without drilling, greatly protecting furniture. 2. Great bearing strength with tenacious 3M stickers, fit for long-term use. 3. Made of durable, non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly materials. 4. Leave no ugly taint or damage to your valuable furniture when removed. 5. 4 transparent silicone corner protectors are added to the package for all-around protection. How to Install 1. Clean and dry the interior surface of the cabinet. 2. Choose a proper sticking position. 3. Tear out the sticker. 4. Stick the child lock firmly to the inside of cabinet. 5. Press it hard for seconds. Specifications Bottom: 3.5cm x 3.5cm/1.4in x 1.4in Length: 7cm/2.8in Notes 1. Do not touch the 3M sticker after its film has been torn out. 2. Using a hair dryer to blow hot air to the sticking position for 1 min can strengthen the sticking effect. The method can also be used to remove the child lock quickly. 3. Do not remove and reinstall the cabinet lock too often. 4. It is advised to wait for 12 hours after the installation before use. 5. This cabinet lock is not suitable for cabinets with lintels thicker than 3.5cm/1.4in. 6. The screw set provided is for a double guaranteed adhesive force. Please choose to install it or not according to the actual situation. Package Contents 10 x Cabinet Lock 10 x Buckle 1 x Screw Pack 4 x Corner Protector 4 x Sticker

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